Storage Benefits to a RAID 6 Array


If you’re considering new enterprise level RAID storage, you may have heard about some of the drawbacks of RAID 5. RAID 5 arrays stripe data and provide parity, and can tolerate the failure of one RAID drive. The problem? A RAID drive failure is rarely an isolated event. When one drive in a RAID array fails, it puts stress on the other drives. This leads to cascading failure and, most often, the need for emergency RAID recovery from a professional data recovery service.

RAID 6 is very similar to RAID 5, but has become a preferred configuration for enterprise level RAID storage.

A RAID 6 array can tolerate the failure of two drives, simultaneously, before facing data loss. RAID 6 requires at least four hard disk drives, and supports a maximum of 16 drives. RAID 6 stripes blocks of data with parity across all drives. A second set of parity information for each block of data provides 100% data protection.

Adding two additional drives to a RAID 6 array, creating a 6-drive RAID 6 array, can prolong the life of a RAID array, because the two drives can be used to perform a hot swap in the event of drive failure. Although there may be a drop in performance with a RAID 6 array, due to the second set of parity, the added data protection makes it a good choice for storing mission critical data.

RAID 6 may cause some loss of performance because of the second set of parity, but in cases where security of data is more important than performance, RAID 6 is an affordable choice. Make sure you select a RAID controller that supports RAID level 6 configuration.

RAID 6 Data Recovery
Even with the capability for a hot swap of two disks in a RAID array, and parity on two levels, RAID 6 arrays can still suffer hard disk failure resulting in cascading RAID failure and the loss of mission critical data. It’s important to perform regular back-ups, even of a RAID 6 array, and to know there’s a data recovery service you can turn to when you need your RAID server recovered.

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