Three Ways to Prevent the Need for Photo Recovery


One of the main reasons people need digital photo recovery services is because they have accidentally deleted files from their camera’s memory card. In most cases, deleted digital photo recovery is easy to do yourself — if you haven’t written anything else on the card after deleting the files. Even then, it’s a matter of knowing your way around your computer and selecting the right digital photo recovery software.

If the only time you use your computer is to post those digital images on Facebook or send an email, you may find do it yourself digital photo recovery software intimidating. That’s when it’s time to call a professional. We’re happy to help. And it can be inexpensive for us to retrieve deleted digital photos.

But better to prevent the necessity for digital photo recovery altogether, right? Follow these tips to increase the odds that you won’t delete or corrupt files accidentally.

– Learn your way around your camera – Know which buttons do what, that way you won’t accidentally select “delete all” from your camera’s menu.

– Keep digital cameras away from pets and toddlers – Both pets and children can do physical damage to a camera … or even accidentally hit the wrong button and delete your files. It may seem like a good idea to hand your toddler a camera to keep him quiet in line at Disney World — until all your vacation photos vanish. (This story comes from a parent who knows!) Why not buy him his own play camera, instead?

– Never remove the memory card from your camera when it’s on. – If your camera is on, it may be reading the data on your memory card. Removing the card at this point could corrupt your files. Turn your camera off before removing the batteries or the memory card. 

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