Top Hard Disk Manufacturers Launch Industry Association


Major hard disk drive manufacturers announced at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California, last month, the launch of a new industry association, the Storage Products Association. 

Seagate®, Western Digital®, HGST® and Toshiba® are the founding members of the organization devoted to helping storage manufacturers and users understand and support current and future storage needs. The organization will emphasize the role hard disk drives continue to play in storage technology innovations, while also promoting solid state and HDD hybrid storage media.

Hard Disk Drives Are Not Dead
Even with the prevalence and proliferation of flash media storage, conventional rotating media hard disk drives are not dead. A case in point is Seagate’s newest ultra-slim HDD and a number of new, eco-friendly hybrid drives on the market.

Of the members of the organization, only Toshiba produces solid state drives. Seagate, WD, and HGST all continue to focus their R&D efforts and new product launches on conventional hard disk storage. 

The Role of Data Recovery Firms in Storage Media Innovations
As a top data recovery service, it’s not 24 Hour Data’s role to pass judgment on which storage format is superior: conventional hard disk drives or SSDs. Both have benefits and drawbacks based on users’ budget requirements and storage needs.

As SSDs grow in popularity, we see growing numbers of solid state recovery cases come into our office, however, we also see plenty of hard disk drives at the end of their life span. Our data recovery engineers are constantly perfecting our SSD recovery techniques, while staying up to date on the latest HDD technology as well. 

As the storage media market evolves, 24 Hour Data keeps an eye on all the developments in order to continue to develop the most effective, fastest, cutting edge data recovery techniques for new and emerging media. Our data recovery specialists stay on top of new and evolving forms of storage media, including conventional hard disk drives in new, slimmer formats; hybrid drives; flash memory storage, and SSDs.

At the same time, through this blog and our informative website pages, we strive to keep consumers of storage media educated by debunking myths and misconceptions about popular storage methods and letting readers know about the newest products. In this regard, our social media mission and the mission of SPA is the same.

We wish the manufacturers involved in SPA much success moving forward, and we’ll continue keeping our readers and customers up to date on their efforts in the storage industry. 

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