Western Digital Announces the “Ultimate Upgrade” Hard Disk Drive


Just in time for holiday shopping, data storage leader Western Digital™ (WD) has announced a hybrid replacement hard drive for aging laptops.

Users suffering from old, slow PCs can upgrade to a new WD Black2 drive that combines 1TB of conventional hard disk data storage with a 120GB SSD for the operating system and programs, all on a single 9.5 mm drive. Not only will users enjoy more storage space than many legacy laptops offer, but the SSD for important operating system files may speed operation of older laptops. The 6Gbps SATA3 connection is compatible with legacy SATA modes, making this an effective upgrade even for older laptops.

The Western Digital™ WDBlack2 drive includes a full transfer kit to make the upgrade easy, and provides users with a choice of a fresh OS install or complete cloning of all your files. The hard disk drive includes a link cable and Paragon cloning software.

In addition, the drive comes with a five-year warranty, because the dual-drive hybrid design should take the strain off drives, prolonging their life and the number of read/write cycles until failure.

Back Up Before You Upgrade
It’s exciting to get a new drive, whether it’s a holiday gift or a present to yourself. Here at 24 Hour Data, we love technology as much as you do, so we understand why you’d be eager to swap out your hard disk drive with the new WDBlack2.

But take the time necessary to back up your files before the transition. Western Digital did their best to make the upgrade process easy and fail-proof, but anything can happen when it comes to technology.

Back up your files to CD, DVD-rom, an inexpensive flash drive, another external hard disk drive or the cloud before you swap your old drive for the new Western Digital™ WDBlack2.

But remember, anyone can make a mistake. If your back-ups fail and you lose your data during the transition, 24 Hour Data is here to help. If you don’t heed our warning and fail to back up your data before your upgrade your drive, we won’t judge. Give us a call and we’ll help you restore your valuable family photos, videos, music and other media. That’s why 24 Hour Data is here, 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. 

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