Where Did Flash Drives Get Their Name?


When they were first introduced many years ago, flash drives were commonly called “thumb drives,” “key drives,” or sometimes by their more proper name, “USB drives.” It was easy to see how they got these nicknames. Flash drives aren’t much larger than your thumb, and people often carried them around on key chains. Also, you inserted them into the USB port of your computer much like you insert a key into a keyhole.

Back then, flash drives held, at most, 2MB of data, and were primarily the domain of IT experts. “Computer geeks” wore these odd-looking drives on lanyards around their neck, soliciting strange looks from the people whose computers they worked on when they inserted one of these mystical devices into the USB port of their PC.

Flash Data Recovery Service Since the Invention of Flash Drives

24HourData has been providing flash data recovery service since around that same time, and our expert flash data recovery technicians are trained in the latest methods of flash data recovery. Today’s flash drives can hold several hundred gigabyte of data. They are often used as back-up drives, or to quickly deliver large files across an office or across town.

Whether you have a small flash drive with family photos you were taking to your local superstore for prints, or a flash drive that cost hundreds of dollars storing sensitive company data, we provide flash data recovery service for you — with a free estimate and a no data, no charge guarantee. 

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